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Guido Bible College

About Guido Bible College

GBC is a ministry-focused four-year Christian college located on the campus of the Guido Ministries in Metter, Georgia.  Guido Ministries is dedicated to training the next generation of Sowers to Connect, Equip, and Send people to do God’s work in the world. GBC is intentionally designed to not only equip students with a biblical foundation, but to also equip them to discover and walk in fullness in Christ and gain practical training in ministry.


With the unique demands on church leaders today, we offer traditional classes as well as a cohort educational program. This cohort program integrates six different methods of learning in its presentation of course materials. These methods include traditional classroom instruction; guided class interaction; Christian ministry service projects; online research and sharing related to classroom topics; applied theology and student Christian ministry service; oral presentation of online research papers and spiritual formation and ministry groups.


GBC strives to meet the unique needs of present and future church leaders by providing unique training environments. Take advantage of these opportunities by registering for classes today!

Admissions Information

GBC runs three semesters each year – Fall, Winter, and Spring/Summer.

Giving Back

GBC relies on your support. Consider giving to GBC or the Sower’s Fund.