Know Guido Bible College Better


Our History

The beginning of Guido Bible College has its roots in the early ministry of The Guido Evangelistic Association. Although no certificates, diplomas or degrees were awarded, the founder, Michael A. Guido, D.D., was well-known and deeply loved for his knowledge of God’s Word and his ability to teach the truths of Scripture in heart-warming and life-changing Bible studies. Traveling throughout the state of Georgia and across America his interpretation of the Bible and explanation of the message and meaning of profound themes and doctrines resulted in a teaching ministry that included radio and television programs as well as numerous publications that covered the globe.

To establish his intense love for the study of God’s Word and sharing His truths, Guido Bible College was founded in 2010. With extensive studies in all areas of knowing, understanding, applying and sharing the message of the Gospel the College is committed to “doing things no other evangelical ministry has ever done to reach individuals who have never been reached before.” This resulted in developing a program of study to educate and equip Christian leaders.

GBC is a ministry-focused four-year Christian college located on the campus of the Guido Evangelistic Association in Metter, Georgia that is dedicated to training the next generation of Sowers to Discern, Develop and Disciple the world.

Our Vision

“Blessed are those who hear the word of God and put it into practice.” Luke 11:28

Guido Bible College exists to educate, equip, enable and empower individuals called to Christian ministry with knowledge, understanding, skills and a servant attitude to serve God in local and international communities. The journey to service begins with an emphasis on learning the original, intended message and meaning of Scripture when it was written and its practical application to “doing life today.” Students are challenged to search for truth as revealed by God in His Word, His work in creation and in His World. However, for knowledge to have value, it must not become an end in itself: it must be translated into the actions and attitudes of the student who in turn will transmit the knowledge and understanding of the Gospel to others. In the final analysis it is one disciple making another disciple who, together, will follow the example of Jesus in “doing life” by serving and discipling others.

Our Core Values & Mission

The mission of Guido Bible College is to entrust, educate, equip, enable, and empower Christians to effectively present God’s message of redemption and reconciliation through Word and deed.

To achieve this mission, Guido Bible College offers a Certificate in Biblical Studies, an Associate of Arts in Biblical Studies, and a Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministry. We believe that it is essential for those in ministry to understand the message and meaning of Scripture, thoroughly and comprehensively, as they learn to minister to the spiritual, emotional and physical needs of individuals. 

Our Core Values are:

We accept the Bible as the inspired, infallible, inerrant Word of God.

We pursue a culture of prayer, worship as foundational in who we are and what we do.

We entrust, educate, equip, enable, and empower Christians “to go and make disciples of all nations.”

We emphasize the importance of growing into the likeness of Jesus Christ, our Savior, and Lord.

We require students to serve the Lord faithfully in and through the local church.

We admit that we are totally dependent on God for all that we are and have and submit to Him alone.

Institutional Goals

Our curriculum incorporates a comprehensive exposure of the revelation of God in Scripture and creation through a thorough exposition of His Word. Our constant focus is to engage students in a program of instruction that will instill in them a life-long quest to know God personally and serve Him faithfully. All instruction is presented within the historical evangelical framework that gives shape and substance for a life of Christian living and service that reflects concern, compassion and care for everyone, anywhere and everywhere.

Upon completion of the program of instruction, students will:

Accept the authority of Scripture as the inspired, and infallible Word of God as the only foundation for Christian faith, worship, and practice.

Present the message of the Great Commission in and through local churches, Christian organizations, and agencies to “make disciples who will make disciples.”

Recognize, understand, and respect individual differences and cultural distinctions as an essential element in building the Kingdom of God and critical to the fulfillment of the Great Commission.

Demonstrate an attitude of acceptance of and the ability to work with evangelicals who have different theological perspectives, in the ministry of redemption, reconciliation, and restoration.

Develop a Christian worldview, and the ability to present and explain that view to others that will protect and defend the “faith once delivered.”

Minister the grace of God, in various contexts and situations, to individuals and groups who have physical, educational, mental, and social, as well as spiritual needs.


Candidates for admission are required to provide evidence of their acceptance of and surrender to Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord, evidence of proven Christian character, and a desire, willingness and commitment to serve Him as a pastor or leader in the local church. The candidate must demonstrate a lifestyle that is consistent with the standards of conduct that are expressed in the Bible, a daily walk with Christ that reflects a devotional life that produces compassion, discipline, spiritual and emotional maturity. 


The mission of Guido Bible College is “to educate and equip individuals with skills and knowledge to promote and proclaim the Gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.” The Administration and Faculty are committed to programs of study that are anchored in Scripture, committed to the established truths of historical evangelism and able to meet the challenges and opportunities of the world today.  Our Administration and Faculty fully support the College’s Statement of Faith and are proven leaders in the academic community as well as recognized and respected church leaders. We are dedicated and determined to be centered and found faithful “to content for the faith that was once for all delivered to the saints.” We are committed to training the next generation of Sowers!